Obsession: New Wacoal Bra Designs


Weather you say it like Kate Moss did in the infamous Calvin Klein perfume commercials, or sing it a la Animotion in their iconic 80’s song: my new Obsession is Wacoal. “Wacoal: The old lady, totally unsexy bras?!?” you ask. Yes, that’s the one. But the new Wacoal designs are different; they are lacey with plunging necklines and come in gorgeous grays and blush pinks and still with the same supportive powers.

I met with Adrienne today in the lingerie department of Saks Fifth Avenue to try on some of these gorgeous new sets. I told Adrienne what I always say when I’m shopping for new lingerie, “I don’t want anything padded”. When she came back to the dressing room with what looked like push-up bras, I assumed that I would be leaving empty handed. See, the last thing I want is to look bigger than I already am. Not exactly huge, but a solid 34 C, and accustomed to seeing A cup models all day long, I am always trying to look smaller, not bigger. I was not prepared for what happened next. These padded bras weren’t padded at all; they were shaped just enough to push my chest up and together, not out. I swear I looked ten pounds thinner and felt more supported than I ever have before. Adrienne couldn’t stop laughing while I jumped around saying over and over again how much thinner I looked. So that only leaves one question: Why diet when you can buy a gorgeous new bra instead?