Obsessing Over Pregnant Celebrities Can Cause Real Problems for Women: Study

You can’t open a tabloid today without seeing headlines like “Hot mama!” “Bump watch!” “Stars with the best pregnant style!” It’s great that we’re not hiding pregnant celebrities in a dark closet for nine months, but the fanfare that surrounds expectant stars seems to be fairly manic. A good reason to stop caring so much about pregnant celebrities? New research in the journal Psychology & Marketing—via Science of Us found that obsessing over them could lead to poorer body image, which then could cause moms-to-be to feel less connected to the baby they’re carrying. Yikes. Kourtney Kardashian‘s maxi dress isn’t that interesting.

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According to Science of Us, researchers looked at more than 400 pregnant women found that the ones who were most fascinated with pregnant celebs were more likely to stress about the weight they were gaining. More concerning? The fact that these women also reported lower prenatal attachment—the warm and fuzzy feelings we get for our developing baby.

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Obviously, it’s possible for pregnant women to flip through an Us Weekly at the salon and not be affected by the baby bump headlines, but it is alarming to think that celebrity gossip is creeping into even the most personal aspects of our lives.

Head over to Science of Us to read more, and let us know your thoughts on the matter!