NYFW’s Business of Backstage: The Wrinkle Eraser Lady

Julia DiNardo

While backstage at Charlotte Ronson, it was hard to miss the petite pretty lady toting an armful ofHydroxatone products in a bright navy satin dress. Plus, we kept seeing people back there with tiny pads on their faces, so we had to find out what was going on.

What’s your name? Desiree Lafore

What do yo usually do? I’m an aesthetician and celebrity makeup artist.

What’s the deal with Hydroxatone, and why does almost everyone we look at have pads on under their eyes? Hydroxotone has amazing anti-aging products, and you are seeing the Instant Lift Pads, which give you anti-aging results in just 20 minutes! They help with the darkness and firmness and puffiness in the under-eye areas. You can visibly see the difference.

Is this your first time backstage? I’ve done shows before.

What time did you get here? Just barely at 3:20 p.m. (the show was at 6 p.m.).

Where are you from? I’m based in NYC.

If you could choose only one thing to do in the morning, would you do hair or makeup? Definitely makeup, but skincare is the most important.

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