NYFW’s Business of Backstage: Showing Good “Feet-ures”

Julia DiNardo

While jumping from interview to interview backstage at Monique Lhuillier we couldn’t help but notice a fabulous and bright pair of socks and sandals on Rachel Cooper from Red PR, who was working backstage with CND. Naturally, we did the first thing that came to mind – we interviewed her feet!

How long have you been standing? About and hour and a half; it hasn’t been a long day. My toes are happy.

Tell me about these socks; how long have they been “dating” your shoes? This is actually the first date. They are definitely going home together, though.

So shoes, where are you from? Rachel is from Silver Spring, Maryland, so the shoes are from a Nine West Outlet there.

What is the trick to rocking socks and sandals? The socks should be high and just covering the ankle, but do it in a bright color. Steer clear of white ones; you don’t want to have an old man sock and sandal look. I first fell in love with socks and sandals at Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 “Somewhere over the rainbow” show, which had taupe socks in it.

Were these socks bought specifically to be worn with the sandals? No, they came from Happy Socks, which has an office in my building. They are one of the first brands of affordable, colorful mens’ socks found on the market.

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