NYFW Product Testing: At Home Gel Manicure

Amanda Elser
NYFW Product Testing: At Home Gel Manicure
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With Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week coming to a close, we wanted to feature some of the beauty products that got us through all the tough times. Rachel Siegel, our Community Manager, tested out SensatioNail — an at home gel polish kit — to see if her DIY mani could stand the test of fashion week.

She broke it down step-by-step for us in the slideshow above. But here are her final thoughts on the whole process. “Overall the process is simple and doesn’t take too long. Nail polish pickers will revel in the easy peeling ability of this gelpolish. And if you somehow manage to leave your nails alone, you’ll enjoy a lasting manicure that keeps its glossy finish much longer than a standard polish manicure.”

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"If you work anywhere without a beauty department, this process may not be the best choice for an unnoticed on the dl manicure. The Nail Cleanser has a strong smell, similar to other nail polish removers."

"For the gel base and top coat, I'm told to air dry (the bane of my existence). I can't tell you how many times I touched my nails to see if they were dry yet...and they weren't. For those who don't mind relaxing for a few while your nails dry, this step shouldn't be a problem. But being that it was fashion week and I had Tweets to send, this step was not my favorite." 

"I finally get to use the nifty light box! This step includes the first coat of polish and a reminder to cap the nail with paint. A week later and I can tell you, it makes a difference in the appearance and lasting potential."

"After applying and 'curing' the last coat, I was a bit nervous that my nails were still quite tacky to the touch. I nervously applied the nail cleanser with a cotton swab thinking I would ruin the whole thing- but miraculously my nails were set and dried after using it! I should mention that they clearly say that you should avoid skin and cuticles, and that clearly, I didn't listen. With a coffee maker 10 feet from my desk, my shaky hands simply wouldn't allow for proper application. I'm awesome at doing other people's nails though, I swear!"

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