Game Changer: A Face Mask Miracle for Dull Skin

Victoria Moorhouse
nugg face masks article

Photo: nügg; Graphic Design by Candace Napier

I love routines. There’s just something about a set schedule that makes me happy, especially when it comes to skin care. So when I discovered a 4-day skin care mask system from nügg that was specifically designed to address dullness (something I was unfortunately experiencing at the moment), I was more than intrigued. Four days to glowing skin? Yeah, I’m definitely in.

The road to getting back my glow was clearly mapped out in front of me in the form of four tiny pods, each packed with a serving size of product and instructions on how and when it apply it. This skin regimen is part of nügg beauty’s RX Collection, and you can think of the entire four day process like a prescription for your face. Here’s how it works—and yes, it works.

Each little pod (or a combo of the two) in the 4-Day Dull Skin RX ($13, is meant to be used on a different day. On the back of the packet, you’re told exactly what to slather on your face, how long to leave it there, and how to take it off. On the first day, I started off with the exfoliating formula, which is made with ingredients like cranberry seed oil and jojoba seeds to slough off dead skin cells. I topped that off with one of the gel-like revitalizing masks, made with peppermint and flaxseed oils as well as menthol for a cooling sensation. By the next day, my skin tone did look like it had evened out a bit.

The next two nights I applied the hydrating formula, a mask made with glycerin and olive oil that you can either wash off or sleep in for a boost of moisture. It’s pretty thick, so a little goes a very long way. My skin soaked it up. On day 4, I opened up the last cooling revitalizing mask and smeared it over my face, leaving it on for about 10 minutes before washing it off.

So did I wake up the next morning looking like a glowing goddess? No, but I did notice that my skin looked less dull, dehydrated, and fatigued. Considering the signs of stress were totally showing up on my face (Oh, the lingering effects of Fashion Week), I let out a sigh of relief.

The only thing I didn’t like? The system only includes one hydrating mask which you’re told split between day 2 and day 3, but the little pod isn’t resealable. It isn’t ideal to leave lotions and creams open to the air (and potential bacteria), so I had to improvise to keep it closed.

I’m back to following my every day skin care schedule, but if dullness ever invades my complexion again, I’ll be happy to make room for these masks.

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