Jennifer Aniston’s Fav Sculpting Device That’s ‘a Little Workout For Your Face’ Is on Super-Rare Sale

Jennifer Aniston’s Fav Sculpting Device That’s ‘a Little Workout For Your Face’ Is on Super-Rare Sale
Photo: Courtesy: Tyler Boye/WWD

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When I was younger, getting older felt like a nightmare that I never wanted to cross. But now that skincare, facials and lasers have gotten so advanced, it’s not so scary after all. It used to be just that celebrities never aged thanks to access to expensive treatments, $300 face creams and more, but nowadays high-tech and high-results beauty is so much more accessible to us normies. For example, now you can get micro-current facials—which used to only be available at the dermatologist’s office—whenever you want and at home with a single device: the NuFace.

Celebs like Jennifer Aniston swear by micro-current facials for sculpting their skin and giving their face a lift. These gadgets essentially emit a low-level electrical current that penetrates your skin into your facial muscles. It’s an FDA-cleared treatment that stimulates the muscles to improve the overall appearance of the skin. In an interview with InStyle, Aniston said, “It’s like a little workout for your face. If you don’t work out, eventually everything drops.” I mean I’ve seen pictures of her lately, so yeah, I believe her.

But you don’t have to have a FRIENDS budget to pay for this Aniston-approved device. Right now the popular NuFace devices are on mega-sale, which is rare, so take stock while you still can. Whether you’re looking for a lip treatment or an overall face and neck treatment, QVC has all of the bundled kits you need to get started.

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Courtesy of QVC.

NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device + Aqua Gel

This is the NuFACE that I have! Pssst I also use it directly on my lips to plump them, but don’t tell anyone. This is the mini version of the full-size device, and honestly, I don’t see a reason to go full out for the larger size. I must say, I’ve literally NEVER seen it for this cheap. Thanks to QVC’s Today’s Special Value, you can get it for literally the lowest price it’s ever been at any retailer.

There are so many videos on TikTok that show that instant-gratification lift, and I do think that if you have noticeably sagging skin you will see an instant improvement. But for me, it’s more about long-term use to keep everything exactly how it looks right now. I will say that I notice a huge difference in my lips when I use it. They instantly appear plumper and have a subtle and natural-looking red color after I use it, thanks to what I assume is the blood being stirred around in there.

This kit is sure to sell out ASAP so make sure you grab it today to secure the under $200 deal, plus accessories bundle.


NuFACE The Fix Line Smoothing Device & Serum Auto-Delivery

Courtesy of QVC.

NuFACE The Fix Line Smoothing Device & Serum

The NuFACE line-smoothing device is the go-to for targeting fine lines or giving lips a rejuvenating plump. It works by utilizing a “feathering” technique, which means you essentially hold the slim device like an eraser to feather out the fine lines. The larger NuFACE devices are good for doing a total-face treatment, but for finer areas like around the eyes or lips, this device works better with its targeted approach. It includes the line-fix serum that you apply on the skin where you want to use the device, and this plan includes auto-delivery, which means you’ll get a refill of two serums every 90 days.

NuFACE The Fix Line Smoothing Device & Serum

Courtesy of NuFACE.

NuFACE The Fix Line Smoothing Device & Serum

Easily bring this gadget on the road with you thanks to its compact design. The portable device will take up hardly any space in your carry-on, and will provide you with all of the rejuvenation you need to ward off jet lag and the skin woes that come with it. Lucky for us all, this NuFACE comes in so many adorable colors.