How to Find the Perfect Nude Lipstick For You

Kristin Booker

nude lips

We all love the concept of the perfect nude lip: A lip color that’s so perfectly matched to your skin that it seems to be the same color, but yet oh-so-alluring in that this-was-just-so-easy kind of way. The idea of wearing nude lipstick is enticing and seemingly effortless. The actual discovery of your perfect nude is a little more complicated, and a bit labor intensive.

Rather than pick the wrong nude, we think it’s best to be informed, which is where the experts come in. We asked three celebrity makeup artists and ambassadors for Jouer Cosmetics — Troy Jensen, Nick Barose and Neil Scibelli —  to give us some helpful hints and tips to find your perfect nude lip color and rock it with confidence. Read on below!

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“The perfect nude lipstick should compliment your complexion and make you look healthy, not washed out. It shouldn’t be too matte or thick and opaque or it’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. Look for a creamy color, one that is sheer or a bit more opaque with slight sheen.” – Nick Barose

“When you’re out shopping, try them on your hand or your wrist to see the undertones of the color. You need to see them on your skin. Avoid any nude lip colors with undertones of gray or beige – they wash you out and make you look really sallow. Always look for nudes with hints of color in them.” – Neil Scibelli

“The goal of  a nude lip color is to create an opaque look, allowing the eyes to really pop. Nude lip color erases the natural lip color. In order to get a true nude lip, I blend a touch of foundation onto the lips.  I also use a highlighter at the upper bow of the lip to create contour to the lips so the don’t look washed out.” – Troy Jensen

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“Use a bit of nude lip pencil to sketch lightly around you mouth to add slight definition. This way, your nude lips won’t completely disappear into your face.” – Nick Barose

“Always go for sheer and creamy lipsticks is the most flattering nude color. Nude matte can be a double negative – you’re erasing your own color and it can making the lips look dry and chapped. Opt for hydrating, creamy formulas. They’ll make your lips look amazing and will also give them more shape since the formulas reflect more light.” – Neil Scibelli

“Always add a dab of gloss in center of lips so the look has a slight sheen.” – Nick Barose

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“What colors look best? If you have a fair complexion, a pinkish nude is a more high fashion shade. It was popular in the 1960’s mod era on Twiggy. It’s still a look created today. I’ve seen this look recreated today on actress Michelle Williams. Medium-to-olive complexions should look for honey, peach and nudes with a touch of gold in the base. They look amazing when paired with a brown smoky eye, a look made iconic by Sophia Loren and today by Kim Kardashian. Girls with a dark complexion should look for caramel-colored nudes. When topped off with a clear gloss, the look reminds me of Diana Ross at Studio 54, and today on Naomi Campbell.” – Troy Jensen

“I love the Jouer lipsticks for the perfect nudes. Fair skin tones should try peachy or coral hues like Olivia or Meg, while medium skin tones will love the rosy allure of Meredith. Gals with darker skin tones should go for a bronze or gold undertone, and Julie is perfect for them.” – Neil Scibelli

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