Now We’re Supposed to Worry About “Kninkles”? No, Thanks!


As if there weren’t already enough things for us to worry about when it comes to our aging appearances (I won’t depress you by typing out a list), British newspaper The Daily Mail has now alerted us to the hideousness of “kninkles,” or knee wrinkles, which they claim Gwyneth Paltrow and about 15 other celebrities have. They even have a match-the celebrity-to-her-wrinkly-knees game. Glad to see this is the world we now live in.

A doctor interviewed for the article explains, “You need some redundant skin around your knee or you wouldn’t be able to bend it.” To which we respond: DUH. The paparazzi may have caught Gwyneth’s knees looking particularly saggy (maybe that’s karma’s way of getting back at her for unleashing her “music” on the world), but we would like to be the first to point out the obvious: that she, or anyone, would NOT BE ABLE TO WALK if her knees weren’t at least a little saggy.

Furthermore, if anyone, Kate Moss and her pre-pubescent model-to-be sister included, bends their knee at a certain angle, knee wrinkles are going to appear. There’s really no avoiding them. They don’t mean you’re old – they just mean you are a human being, and you are able to move. So really, the unfortunately-titled “kninkles” should be celebrated as a sign of life and mobility, right?