Not getting recognized with my blond hair!


As you are all probably aware I am undergoing a MAYJAH hair transformation. Back in February my stylist and I started out with shoe polish black hair and over the course of seven months, have transformed my locks into a luscious caramel color with some serious blond pieces. (To read the blog about the transformation click here.)

The responses I’ve been getting from people have been really positive! Everyone loves the new hair and I always get comments about how I look like a different person.

So yesterday I had a meeting with my vendor Sam. I was waiting for Sam when the CEO of the company came out to the front. I’d met him a few times before so I made eye contact and gave him a smile. He just kind of looked at me and went about his business.

About an hour later I was packing up when the CEO came into the conference room where I was having my meeting. He stood in the doorway asking Sam a question. I looked at him and said, “How are you?” He replied, “Good how are you?”

I found this odd since we do regular business with his company. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of offended.

I said goodbye to Sam and hopped in the elevator. As soon as I pressed the *L* button I heard, “LEES!! LISA!”

I thought I’d forgotten something.

“Yeah?” I poked my head out of the elevator and there was the CEO.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry. I just asked Sam who he was meeting with and he said your name.” He then regarded me. “Did you….did you dye your hair??”


“I didn’t even recognize you!” 

“Yes I’m going blond.”

“Ha. I’m sorry didn’t recognize you.” He then gave me a hug and went on his way. 

This is my first case of not being recognized with my new hair! And my hair makeover isn’t even compete!!

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