Not A Bath Person? These 12 Products Will Change Your Mind

Megan Segura
Not A Bath Person? These 12 Products Will Change Your Mind
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I hear it all the time: "I'm not really a bath person." Now might be the time to change that mantra, because with all the new bath products out on shelves, it's never been easier to transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa. Instant Makeover: A Wakeup Call For Your Face

For Fresh lovers out there, you know how much the brand prides itself on its Sugar products. There's the soap, the scrub, the lip balm and now the Fresh Sugarbath Sugar Cubes ($38, Just drop a couple into hot water, and watch them dissolve into an effervescent bath that uses soda bicarbonate to slough off dead skin. Your skin will feel soft and you'll smell, well, fresh. How To Find The Best Products For Your Skin Type

One of the best times of day to take a bath is at night, especially if you're someone who has trouble sleeping. Pour L'Occitane's Lavender Foaming Bath ($10, into your water to ease tension and prepare yourself for a restful night of sleep. Hibernation Makeover: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Winter Beauty Routine

Bathing doesn't always have to be enjoyed alone, which is where this Lush Sex Bomb ($6.65, comes into play. Just drop it into the tub and watch vivid waves of pink and purple color erupt until you're left with a rose floating in the water. Everyone looks better naked when soaking in hot pink water. Quick Fixes For Instantly Prettier Skin

Many dermatologists warn against baths during the winter, since hot water can dry out the skin, which is why it's important to use moisturizing products, like Kiehl's Lavender Foaming Relaxing Bath ($30, The formula contains sea salts, which exfoliate the body, and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate. How To Revive Your Skin When You Have A Cold

A post-workout soak is the perfect way to relax sore muscles, especially when you add Shea Terra Organics Kalahari Mineral Bath Salts ($24, This all-natural product detoxifies the body and draws out excess fluid, helping skin cells to regenerate and heal. 8 Weird Ways Celebs Get Red Carpet Ready

Bath time is a great time to do some beauty multi-tasking. Before you relax into a nice bubble bath, apply a great hair mask, like Krastase Chroma Riche Hair Mask ($61, Both your achy body and dry strands will thank you. How To Make Pores Nonexistent (Or At Least Look Like It)

Instead of using an old loofah that hasn't been changed in, oh, months(!), try Daily Concepts Your Stretch antimicrobial wash cloth ($14, This unique material exfoliates your skin and stretches, so you're able to scrub those hard-to-reach places with ease. Plus, the label attached tells you exactly when it's time to replace it with a new, cleaner cloth. 20 Face Masks For Every Skin Type

Remember what I said about beauty multi-tasking? Slip on this Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask ($68, before stepping into the tub. You'll emerge with brighter, more luminous skin. The 4 Best Things You Can Do For Dry Hands This Winter

If your skin feels more parched than normal, pour a capful of this Elemental Herbology Detox oil ($29, into your water. The smell of juniper berry and rosemary will invigorate you, while the vitamin E and essential oils moisturize you. Celebrities' Weirdest Beauty Secrets

For an exfoliator that smells as good as it sloughs, try Nuxe Body Fondant Body Scrub ($26, It gently exfoliates as it moisturizes, so you're left with silky smooth skin. How To Treat Dry Skin, Naturally

A stressful day at work is no match for these Aveda Sress-Fix soaking salts ($40, A handful of the stuff will fill your bathroom with the scent of lavender, so you can fully relax your body and mind. Editors Picks: Face Moisturizers

Once your bath is over, make sure to apply a layer of Caudalie Divine Oil ($49, to your skin to lock in moisture. The oil comes in a spray bottle, which makes application that much easier, and it's scented with notes of grapefruit, vanilla and white musk. 3 Dry Skin Saviors You Need This Winter

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