Kylie Jenner Gave North West a Kylie Lip Kit Makeover

Kylie Jenner Gave North West a Kylie Lip Kit Makeover
Photo: Getty Images

When you’re an average kid living in an average world, you play dress up, maybe clomping around in your mom’s heels, or trying on her coat. But when you’re North West, and your aunt is Kylie Jenner, you play dress up in a totally different way: by wearing Kyle Lip Kits, personally applied by Kylie herself at a birthday party for Tyga and Blac Chyna’s son, King Cairo.

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This weekend, Jenner snapped a video of herself kneeling down in front of North West, getting ready to apply the blackest Kylie Lip Kit shade to the toddler. “You wanted black, yeah?” she asked West, who nodded. “Aw, your little lips!” she said, applying the lipstick to the surprisingly still West.

Later, Jenner snapped another video of West wearing the finished look. “Do you like it?” Jenner asked the toddler, who whispered a five-second long “YES.” May we also point out that West is officially wearing what all of us wore in the ‘90s: a crinkled velour dress over a white t-shirt, checkered Vans, double buns in her hair, and darker than dark lipstick. The only difference is that her outfit definitely wasn’t bought at Limited Too. And that she’s a baby.

Jenner also snapped a picture of the two toddlers proudly holding the lip kits and showing off their new makeovers. The caption: “What happens at auntie Kylie’s stays at auntie Kylie’s.” Except, you know, when you post it on Snapchat for billions of people across the world to see. Other than that. But we’re glad she did, because toddlers playing dress up will never not be the most adorable thing in the world.

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