Shoppers Are Convinced They’ve Found The Best Non-Smudge Mascara on The Market—Here’s Why

Shoppers Are Convinced They’ve Found The Best Non-Smudge Mascara on The Market—Here’s Why
Photo: Courtesy of Merit Beauty.

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If you’ve had the problem of your mascara smudging underneath your eyes throughout the day, you’ve probably been on a few quests to find the perfect no-mess mascara. You know, the one that allows you to blink in peace without worrying that a smudgy layer of blackness is slowly dripping down your under eyes. My blinks definitely get heavier as the night grows on, and I typically have to run to the bathroom multiple times to wipe a film of blackness from underneath my eyes. But, hey it’s 2022; non-smudge mascara shouldn’t have to be some sort of myth that you hear about but never experience for yourself.

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It seems the solution is here, in the form of a vegan and clean formula mascara from Merit Beauty. Shoppers say they’ve found the holy grail of mascara with Merit Beauty’s clean lash lengthening mascara. And the best part is, you don’t even need to pair it with a primer to get sky-high lashes. What’s more, the formula isn’t waterproof and won’t require a half-pack of cotton rounds to get off. This all means it’ll be extremely gentle while on your eyes and when you remove it. It’ll do its job and simply stays in place without becoming absolutely glued to your lashes.

Whether you have oily lids or sensitive eyes that get irritated and water throughout the day, this formula helps those with any and all eye ailments. Okay, you had me at lengthening mascara, but I’m here to stay thanks to the non-smudge formula. One shopper who rated the product five stars said that because the mascara is so easy to take off, they “feel like my lashes are healthier.”

Merit Beauty Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara

Courtesy of Merit Beauty.

“The best mascara I have ever used!” wrote another shopper. “I have a big problem with smudging and this mascara stays put! I love it!” And although we wouldn’t recommend sleeping in your makeup, another reviewer wrote, the product “glides on without clumping and you don’t get those smear marks on your eyelids and it actually looks good the next day after sleeping with it in.”

Merit Beauty mascara

Courtesy of Merit Beauty.

This product is a tubing mascara, which means it actually wraps around each lash to thicken and lengthen them, thanks to the Merit Beauty proprietary tubing technology. The formula itself is made up of plant-derived rice bran wax that actually has the capability to lengthen shorter lashes. The inclusion of vitamin B5 makes each lash shiny and luminous rather than clumpy and flat, and fatty acids and olive oils condition and hydrate each lash.

Does it sound too good to be true? That’s what we thought too, that is, until we read more of the stellar reviews. “This mascara is the product I have been looking for my entire adult life,” wrote one shopper. “Tubing mascara is the only thing that doesn’t smudge/run on my oily eyelids- but I’ve never before found a clean, cruelty-free brand before now.”

Hey if it happens, it happens, we’re not judging. Just make sure you have on the right mascara if you’re trying to pull off a day-two look without reapplying.