8 Dry Skin Tips You Don’t Need a Single Product For

8 Dry Skin Tips You Don’t Need a Single Product For
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Although we’re in the midst of another winter-to-spring transition, dry skin, unfortunately, remains a looming threat. There are a lot of things we’ve been taught to do in terms of prevention and healing, and a large percentage of that advice involves using products.

Don’t get us wrong; we love our creams and lotions. They prevent our elbows and knees from looking too dry, but we’re also overdue for tips that don’t require us dipping into the piggy bank. With that being said, we decided to reach out to a set of skin experts for their pro commentary about everything from our diet to the way we take a shower.

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Adjust Your Wardrobe

Dr. Evan RiederDove DermaSeries expert, recommends showering twice a day and wearing cotton clothing to minimize chances of irritation if you’re dealing with more extreme (but common) skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

“I also recommend using a humidifier to moisten the dry air coming from indoor heating systems.”

Collect Crystals

Another way to give your face extra nourishment is to massage it with healing crystals. According to the team at Girl Undiscovered, a simple gemstone can help the ingredients in our products better penetrate our skin. This is especially effective during a time when our skin is going through its natural detox process with the change of seasons.

“Amethyst is a magical stone that will not only plump and lift your face, but it helps to regenerate your skin and is also known to bring about positivity for the new season ahead. ”

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Listen Up

Emily Cunningham, cofounder of True Moringa, emphasizes the importance of stopping to listen to your body before putting anything on it.

“Usually if your skin is acting up, be it dryness, dullness, or breakouts — it’s your body trying to tell you something. Rather than treating the symptoms alone with product, it’s important to listen to your body and give it the sleep, water, or nutrients it needs to repair itself from the inside out.”

Guzzle Cranberry

Cranberry juice is often touted as an all-natural cure for urinary tract infection, but it’s also a godsend for thirsty skin.

Drink a big glass of cranberry juice daily, and if you want to get extra fancy, add a teaspoon of dandelion root powder, says Athena Hewett, founder of Monastery. “These two ingredients are natural diuretics and flush salt out of the body. Excess salt in our diet can cause dehydration in the skin.”

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Get Moving

Do 20 jumping jacks. It’s that simple, according to Hewett.

“Cardio gets the heart rate up, which in turn pumps the blood faster through your veins and supplies more oxygen to the cells. If you can do the jumping jacks in the fresh open air, even better.”

Get Your Vitamins

Paula Simpson, holistic nutritionist, biochemist, and cofounder of Zea Skin Solutions, reminds us that “vitamin E works synergistically with vitamin C as a fat-soluble antioxidant and is also an essential component of skin cell walls that help retain lipids within the cells.”

In short: Both help your skin cells plump up, giving you a dewy, smooth glow. Nuts, seeds, plant oils, and avocados contain plenty of these nutrients. 

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Eat Fish

“We eat a lot of fish. It works wonders for the skin,” says Christinah Nicolaisen of Eleni & Chris. “Try to balance the diet with even more fish and vegetables to give the body a generous dose of fatty acids and vitamins that keep skin plump and hydrated.”

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Dry Brush and Wash Cold

Hot showers feel like heaven, but they’re also very drying for the skin. According to Gunna Covert, master trainer & Biologique Recherche certified esthetician at Daphne and Penelope & The Beauty Bar, finishing your shower with colder temps stimulates the nervous system and wakes you up.

“Always use cold water on your face! Stay away from washing your face in the shower, and wash it before or afterward using cold water. Added benefit? This also helps the eyelash extensions,” she says. “A dry brush improves blood circulation and exfoliates skin as well. Of course, drink more water in the winter to hydrate internally. Add food or supplements rich in omega-3 to boost oil under your skin. Lastly, use a humidifier in your bedroom to get that dewy look from summer back.”