Is No Mascara the Next Big Beauty Trend?

Alle Connell


Though beauty trends change with the times, one product that’s almost never out of style is mascara. When was the last time you thought that someone’s eyelashes were too long, thick and dark? Yeah, probably never. Though lip, cheek and brow styles are always evolving, mascara has always been our constant; the North Star by which we navigate the beauty seas.

Until now.

No mascara makeup is officially in. Blame the period appropriate, natural-lashedlook of Downton Abbey, Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning sans-mascara Dior campaign or perhaps the runways of practically EVERY show at NYFW, but the lashes of the stylish and beautiful have been decidedly bare lately.

It makes sense when you think about it. We live in an age where the most covetable style of makeup is looking like you’re not wearing anything at all. Since #iwokeuplikethisis the pinnacle of beauty aspiration, nearly bare skin and super-dark eyelashes start to look totally incongruous together.

The emphasis on bold brows also plays a role. Put thick, spiky lashes under Cara Delevingne eyebrows, and suddenly there’s a LOT happening on the upper half of your face. Keeping the focus on one feature helps draw attention to others in a more subtle, chic way.

But we’re the first to admit that this can be a hard trend to embrace in real life. Not only does it change the proportions of your face, but it can be emotionally difficult to let go of a significant beauty staple. And not that we think you should run your makeup game based on the opinions of others, but the world at large has VOCAL feelings about this particular trend: Uma Thurman went mascara-free on the red carpet and people were less than kind about her natural-lashed look. A quick search on twitter reveals passionate argument; people either LOVE this more editorial look, or they HATE it passionately. We are a beauty house divided more intensely over this subject than over any other (and yes, we’re counting the great black lipstick debate here).

So what’s a girl to do? As with most big changes, easing into this trend slowly is a good idea. Start by switching to a thinner formula to add darkness but not volume to your lasheswe love Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara ($16.50) for a super-soft look. Try wearing it on the outer corners of eyelashes ONLY for a little drama that still reads as very natural.

Next, try skipping mascara altogether on the weekend, or for a relaxed event with friends when the beauty stakes are lower (as opposed to a big work event, where makeup can sometimes feel like beautiful armor).

Finally, when you feel relaxed and confident with your new mascara-free look, head out into the real world with it! Just be sure to pay close attention to the rest of your beauty game: glowing skin, bold lips and perfectly groomed brows are essential to balance the rest of your face. And good news for glasses-wearers: going without mascara looks especially stylish behind thick frames.

We don’t know if we’re going to break up with mascara permanently, but this is one trend that we aren’t afraid to get behind right now. We love how fresh, new and stylish no-mascara makeup feels. Besides, the lighter our lashes, the darker our lips can be and in a world where purple-black lipstick exists, why would we ever want anything else?

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