Want to Look Better in Instagram Photos? There’s a Beauty Product For That

niod photography fluid

Photo: Instagram/@10deciem

Let’s be real: Social media’s got us all in its grip, and—if you’re anything like me—you’ve willingly fallen into photo-editing black holes, spending obscene amounts of time futzing with various filters and effects until you’re confident your image is ready for public consumption. Well guys, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: There’s a British beauty product that basically acts as an Instagram filter.

Meet NIOD’s Photography Fluid, an oil-free facial serum that was designed specifically to make you look better in photos.

How? The technology’s pretty complex, and involves a mix of light-refracting prismatic and blurring particles derived from minerals (and gold!) that fuse together to give you a more even, luminous, filtered complexion.

I first read about this potential godsend in British newspaper the Telegraph, and—like any good beauty hoarder worth her salt—feverishly went on a Google rampage to track the stuff down. Despite reports it sold out three times within ten days, I located it at Deciem, a boutique Canadian skincare site.

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The serum itself starts out as a white liquid and turns into a fairly dry golden veil. Although the brand says it can be used alone, I’d advise against that and instead go with their other suggestion, which is to mix it with foundation or apply underneath. I set my makeup with a light dusting of bronzer, and was ready for my close-up.

So, does it work? I can say with confidence that it does what it says—reflects light like a pro. Did it magically erase those fine lines on my forehead like Facetune (which, for the record, is way too obvious for my taste)? Of course not. But it did make me look less red, more even-toned and slightly more glowy in my selfies. Kind of like putting a spot of Vaseline over my camera lens.

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One caveat: I haven’t tried it yet with anyone else taking my photo, but I suspect it’ll work just as well.

A bottle will run you $30, which to me is a small price to pay for getting back all the minutes I waste on fooling around with filters.

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%, $30; at Deciem