This is What Nina Dobrev Really Looks Like Without Any Makeup

This is What Nina Dobrev Really Looks Like Without Any Makeup
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As someone whose face always makes them looks like they were just upside down (a.k.a. red and flushed as hell), I’m pretty close with my concealer and tinted moisturizer. So whenever I see photos of a celeb without makeup, I partially hope that they, too, have crazy redness, or a face full of zits, because misery loves company, right? But lest you think this is a story about Nina Dobrev going makeup-free and secretly having the worst skin in the world, it’s not. In fact, she has perfect skin, and I’m incredibly jealous.

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Dobrev posted the no-makeup photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Go bare or go home. ‘No Makeup’ feature from People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful 2017 Issue. Pick up the #MostBeautiful issue, on newsstands April 21st.” The actress tagged the photo #NoMakeup and #NoFilter, and, welp, yeah—her skin really does look excellent.

Of course, I’ve been on photoshoots before where no-makeup makeup actually includes some sheer layers of concealer on blemishes and scars, and we also can’t forget about the wonderful powers of Photoshop, but still, this is a pretty legit representation of what Dobrev looks like without makeup. Of course, if your skin doesn’t naturally glow like hers, don’t feel shitty. We can guarantee you that if you had a team of professional dermatologists, facialists, and massage therapists on speed dial for the better part of your adulthood, your skin would also look like Dobrev’s. So here’s hoping we all strike stardom soon, am I right? And until then, I’ll be dreamily clutching my concealer.

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Credit: Instagram | @nina

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