Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials Comes Out as Transgender In Powerful Video

Elizabeth Denton
Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials Comes Out as Transgender In Powerful Video
Photo: Shutterstock.

“Hello, guys, it’s me, Nikkie. Hello. Today I am here to share something with you that I’ve always wanted to share with you one day but under my own circumstances and it looks like that chance has been taken away from me,” Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, starts her YouTube video in which she comes out as transgender. “So today I am taking back
my own power and I have to tell you something,” she continues.

NikkieTutorials has been on YouTube since 2008. She’s grown up on the platform showcasing her artistry. That’s what she always wanted her channel to be about, the power of makeup. But today, she’s had to get more personal than she’d like. “When I was younger I was born in the wrong body which means that I am transgender,” she explains, saying she’s always wanted to share this part of herself with her community but couldn’t find the right timing. Unfortunately, she says that someone is threatening to tell her story without her consent so she needed to get ahead of it.

That doesn’t mean she’s ashamed. “I want to inspire little Nikkies around the world who feel insecure, who feel out of place, who feel misunderstood,” she says with power and confidence that’s sure to inspire everyone, transgender or otherwise. “I hope by me standing up and being free that it inspires others to do the same, to truly live your life like you want it and the way you deserve it.”

NikkieTutorials has known she was in the wrong body since she was a child. Her wonderful, supportive mother helped her transition as she got a bit older. She continued to transition while on YouTube and thought she closed that chapter of her life. But “you can never truly close it off for good,” she says. “And I am accepting that nowadays and I am embracing that nowadays because it’s time for me to be truly me for all of you.”

While it’s infuriating she was forced to make this video, it’s incredible to see her living her true self out and proud. “If you feel like you’re trapped and there’s no way out know that it gets better,” she says as she closes the video. “Trust me, it gets better.” Watch—and stan—above.