Nicole Richie Is Continuing the Pastel Hair Trend, But Switches Colors

Rachel Adler
Nicole Richie purple hair

Brad Barket/Stringer/Getty Images

Nicole Richie surprised us all when she decided to dye her hair based off of a Photoshop job done on one of her old editorial shoot photos – going for a gorgeous, pastel purple hue. The look worked so well with her skin tone that we’re pretty confident that it inspired girls everywhere to take the pastel plunge. But now, it seems as if she’s gotten bored with the purple color and decided to switch it up – but she wasn’t quite ready to go back to boring old blonde.

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This weekend she debuted a soft blue shade (for one day only), which of course she can pull off just as well as the purple, but we’re not quite as into it. Maybe it’s because we’ve been gawking at that Photoshopped purple picture for years as it circulated the Interwebs – or maybe we just didn’t have the chance to see this blue in numerous (amazing) Nicole Richie hairstyles. Nicole was spotted with the new blue hue (and bangs!) for just an afternoon, before she promptly switched back to her clearly favored purple ‘do. We’re getting the details on the formulation from her go-to stylist, Danny Moon at the Andy Lecompte salon in LA (he favors PRAVANA for his “out there” dye jobs) and we’ll be reporting back.

For now, check out Nicole with blue hair on and decide if you like her better with purple or blue!