Nicole Richie’s Counterintuitive Trick to Beating Breakouts

Nicole Richie’s Counterintuitive Trick to Beating Breakouts
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It might seem odd to rub even more oil into an already-oily pimple, but Nicole Richie is making the case for why moisturizing blemishes is the best way to beat breakouts. In a recent interview with E! News, the 36-year-old admitted that she’s a subscriber to the belief that drying out your skin results in the production of even more acne-causing oil. To counter that, she recommends moisturizing your blemishes to rebalance your skin’s oil levels and reduce acne.

Now I heard, and I tend to believe this, that if you dry out a pimple, it sends a message to your skin that it needs to produce more oil,” she said. “So, what you actually should do is moisturize and do what you’re normally doing and then it balances out and goes away.”

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Richie isn’t alone in standing by this skin care strategy. E! News also spoke to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to get the lowdown on why moisturizing your blemishes is so effective. “It seems counterintuitive to cleanse your oily skin with oil,” Bowe said. “However, it is actually one of the best ways to remove the excess makeup, sebum, and buildup on your face without stripping your skin.”

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Along with lathering moisturizer on her pimples (her favorite is Biologique Recherche P50 mixed with a little water), Richie also keeps her face clean by cutting foundation out of her beauty routine. To cover minor blemishes, Nicole opts for a tiny bit of concealer. “I let my skin breathe. I’m all about a moisturizer, not foundation,” Richie told Coveteur. “If I have a little spot that needs tending to, just a little dab of concealer and that’s it.”

Any solution to save money on skin care products is fine by us. Doubling our moisturizer as acne treatment? We’re game.