Nicole Miller Launches New Skin Care Line For All Skin Types

Amanda Elser

Since she began her clothing line in the 80s, Nicole Miller has become a household name and driving force in the fashion community. Between her clothing line, footwear, cosmetics and fragrance, it is safe to say she has an invested interest in all things beautiful. So it should come as no shock that today she has launched a skin care line meant for all skin types.

BellaSugar reports, Nicole Miller Beauty was the brain child of Miller and Dr. Cap Lesesne and was created to address everyday hydration and brightening needs. Dr. Lesesne said,  “We wanted to create something for women that wasn’t strictly for acne or strictly for anti-aging. Having practiced medicine in New York City for almost 30 years, I know what damage can be caused by not using effective skin care.”

The skin care line comes equipped with all you would need for your skin regime and in beautiful packaging to boot. Miller’s new favorite product? The Glow Serum, which has licorice root extract to brighten and even out skin tone. Plus, Vitamin E to provide antioxidant protection to fight against free-radical damage. But besides using her new products, Miller has a few other beauty tips for consumers: “Never get a sunburn.” Wise words to live by. 

Nicole Miller Beauty ranges from $30 to $65 and is available at