NFL Players Attempting to Do Their Daughters’ Hair Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Cady Lang
(Photo: Pantene) DeAngelo Williams shows daughter Reyna his handiwork.

DeAngelo Williams shows daughter Reyna his handiwork. (Pantene)

Even if you possibly couldn’t care any less about the Super Bowl and will be tuning in on Sunday solely for Beyoncé and an excuse to down hot wings and pizza (wait, is that just me?), Pantene has found a way to make even the most football-averse swoon over NFL players. In what might be the cutest videos to hit the Web in anticipation of Super Bowl 50, Pantene enlisted three pro football players to do a #DadDo for each of their respective daughters.

Needless to say, the results were adorable, even if the hairstyles in question could use a little work (as the Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten succinctly says, “My hands get a little bit in the way … catching a touchdown pass is a little easier than making a braid”) and if there’s anything that we can learn from these pro players, it’s that even when your hairstyle doesn’t turn out as planned, there’s nothing that a good accessory can’t fix.

Watch the videos below and prepare for your heart to melt.