News: Taylor Swift Channels Rapunzel; Victoria’s Secret Does Nail Polish

Wendy Rodewald
Taylor Swift as Rapunzel in a new Disney ad shot by Annie Leibovitz

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel in a new Disney ad.
Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Disney

It’s no secret that girl has an enviable mane, so it makes so much sense that Taylor Swift is posing as Rapunzel in a new series of Disney ads shot by Annie Leibovitz. — via StyleCaster

Fancy matching your fingertips to your lingerie? Good news: Victoria’s Secret is launching a nail polish line. — via Refinery29

If you want gorgeous hair, you should be exfoliating your scalp. No, really. Here’s how to do it. — via Allure

Another pair to add to our celebrity doppelgängers list? Jennifer Lawrence and Justin Timberlake were teenage twinsies. — via Buzzfeed