News: Lea Michele Wore Fake Bangs; Tanorexic Mom is Launching Self-Tanning Lotion

Shannon Farrell

Lea Michele Bangs

For months Lea Michele wore fake bangs! Her hairstylist Mark Townsend told Beauty High, “We couldn’t do it because of her show, but she put them in every time she got dressed, so everybody got used to her with bangs.” —via Beauty High

The Tanorexic Mom is launching a self-tanning lotion. Would you try it? —via NY Mag

From a celeb who arrived at Paris Fashion Week looking scary-skinny to an actress who debuted ombré locks, here’s all the celebrity gossip you need to know from fashion month. —via StyleCaster

15 nail salon nightmares (with animated GIFs) and how to successfully avoid them. —via Huffington Post

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