News: Jessica Alba’s Diet and Fitness Secrets; Ruby Rose is the Newest Face of Urban Decay

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To what does Jessica Alba owe staying in great shape? Coconut water, spin class, and a hip-hop heavy workout playlist, to name a few things. Read up on the rest of her diet and fitness secrets. [Byrdie]

People everywhere are Instagramming Yllo Tumeric Face Scrub ($25, Here’s why. [Allure]

Ruby Rose is talented, stunning and and an advocate of unapologetic self-expression. She’s also the newest face of Urban Decay. Nice. [Cosmopolitan]

26 Street Style Stars make a case for skipping makeup, and form the looks of these snaps, it’s pretty compelling. [STYLECASTER]

Remember this date: April 19, 2016. On that day, we’ll be introduced to a fragrance by legendary Vogue editor Grace Coddington and Comme des Garçons. [Vogue]

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