News: Britney Spears’ Colored Tips, Lena Dunham’s Emmys Look

Shannon Farrell

britneyspearscolorfulhairtr News: Britney Spears Colored Tips, Lena Dunhams Emmys Look

Britney Spears got a new look over the weekend, sporting fuchsia and teal tips at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. What do you think of Brit’s new ‘do? —via Glamour

How hot did Lena Dunham look at the Emmys? Beauty High took some time to speak with her makeup artist Jo Strettell on prepping the funny girl for her big night. —via Beauty High

Makeover alert! Watch out for Strawberry Shortcake’s Parisian makeover during Paris Fashion Week by French designers like Sonia Rykiel. The dolls will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to Ce Ke du Bonheur, a Parisian children’s hospital. —via

After all that buzz about Mitt Romney looking too tan during his appearance on Univision’s “Meet the Candidate,” his makeup artist Lazz Rodriguez has spoken up and revealed the tan was, in fact, real. —via ABC News

We are loving this Refinery29 video where the beauty department shows how to make your eyes pop under your glasses. —via Refinery29