Beauty News Alert – Hypercolor Nail Polish By Perfect Formula On QVC


Photo courtesy of Perfect Formula.

We always get a little rush of adrenaline upon entering our local nail salon and hearing a disembodied voice from the back of the room shout “Pick a color!” No matter what city or neighborhood we’re in, there is one constant in the nail salon-going experience and that is the revered wall of color.

With this in mind, we jumped at the chance to meet up with Shari Gottesman, the founder of Perfect Formula at the launch of her two latest nail care endeavors; Perfect Formula Perfect Color and In The Mood color-changing polish both set to debut this summer on QVC.

Gottesman’s lineage is seeped in color invention. “I’m the third generation my family started out as paint manufacturers in 1948,” the entrepreneur chatted. The family business eventually grew into the Cosmetic Coatings Corporation, the nail industry giant that develops nail color for some of the world’s most sought after brands (including one of our favorites, Essie).

As the Oz-like figure behind the curtain, Gottesman has spent over 15 years in the lab (often with her sister by her side) trying out different techniques, developing new colors and discovering which formulas provide the healthiest and most vibrant of manicures. So, it’s no surprise to us that she’s come up with something truly exciting and something we’ve never seen before.

“In The Mood” is a collection of six dazzling hues that actually change color depending on just that your mood or more specifically, your body temperature. Cold hands, hot latte? Watch as the brightly pigmented (and aptly named) Hyper turns to a light carnation pink. Cold plunge into the ocean? Feast your eyes as Curious transforms from deep green to an ocean blue hue. The polish will be available for $8 per bottle starting in June on QVC.

With summertime on the horizon, it’s sure to be non-stop entertainment for those of us who type away at our BlackBerrys all day.

What do you think of color changing polish? Will you be one of the first to try it out? Let us know how you feel in the comments!