6 Editors Share Their New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Victoria Moorhouse
lipstick1 6 Editors Share Their New Years Beauty Resolutions

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New year, new you? If you ask us, completely transforming everything about yourself in the name seems like a pretty hefty, unnecessary, and not to mention unrealistic assignment, even for your beauty routine. But there is a case for making a few new year’s beauty resolutions—they give you that motivating push to complete a goal (actually take your makeup off before bed) or try something new (finally go blonde). And we can definitely get into that. So we reached out to a few of our editors to find out what they plan on tackling, beauty-wise, in 2016.

“I’d really love to make more of a concerted effort to wear more lipstick. Right now, I apply it once in the morning, along with the rest of my makeup, and flat out forget to re-up throughout the day—I have lots of other things to worry about, I guess. It’s really a missed opportunity to not look like death at the end of a long work day and also, I have so many gorgeous tubes laying about, it’s a shame not to use them.”
—Cristina Velocci, managing editor at StyleCaster

“I’ve never been one for resolutions, because they’re all too easy to break. If, for instance, I say I’m not going destroy my nails with gel manicures, and then do, I’ve already failed. So instead, I have a goal—and a lofty one at that. Simplify. And simplify hard. My bathroom is full-to-bursting with beauty products from moisturizers to mascaras (a fact my fiancé resents more than he’ll let on), but if I were being honest, there are probably 10 products I use on a daily basis. My goal is to adopt minimalism in my makeup bag—one red lipstick, one berry, one kickass BB cream, one moisturizer, and so on. Because at the end of the day, I really want 2016 to be more about less.”
—Beth Stebner, lifestyle editor at StyleCaster

eye makeup

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“For the amount of eyeshadow palettes I own, I don’t wear eye makeup nearly enough. Once in a while I’ll apply some top liner, maybe a little turquoise on my bottom lash line, but that’s very rarely. I’m a total lipstick girl, and while I’ve picked up the pace when it comes to wearing liner, I need to give myself an extra push and alternate it in more than once a week. I’m going to start off with easy smokey eyes and build up to winged liner.”
—Victoria Moorhouse, associate editor at Daily Makeover

“My beauty new year’s resolution is to get regular massages. The muscles in my back and neck get so knotted-up and sore that it makes life suck most of the time, and after a massage, I’m always amazed at how much more relaxed and not in pain I feel. So in 2016, I’m going to make getting a professional back massage a regular commitment like getting my hair cut—something I do to maintain my look and my well-being. I MIGHT also transition from dyed black hair back to my natural blonde, but we’ll wait and see on that one.”
—Alle Connell, senior editor at Daily Makeover

“Next year I want to try and swap all of my skincare and makeup products to organic, or at least natural alternatives. I slowly started doing this throughout the end of 2015, switching to the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue ($29, sephora.com) instead of my regular Chanel or Nars foundation, and road-testing a bunch of products from Au Naturale Cosmetics—I really like the crème eye shadows. I’m just interested to see how my breakout-prone skin reacts to more natural products”
—Jasmine Garnsworthy, editor at StyleCaster

“2016 is going to be the year that I go full double-process. Since last fall, I’ve been slowly bleaching my hair to try and achieve the perfect shade of gray. However, since my hair is so dark, it’s been a challenging process since the color is having a hard time lifting, especially near the roots, and I’ve chosen to go with a highlighting process instead of the traditional double-process to prevent undue damage. This year, I’ll definitely be investing in lots of hair masks and deep conditioning treatments to keep my strands healthy, but I am determined that 2016 is when I’ll take the plunge and bleach my hair from root to tip.”
—Cady Lang, social media editor at StyleCaster

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