Could This be the New Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette?

Could This be the New Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette?

Our end-of-summer blues were amplified the minute Urban Decay announced it would be discontinuing its most iconic product. Now, just four months since breaking the hearts of eyeshadow lovers everywhere, it looks like a new Urban Decay Naked Palette is already preparing for a debut at the top of 2019. And if the pictures are any indication, it carries remnants of its original form, along with some key upgrades.

The first in a series of sneak peeks posted by popular Instagram beauty account @TrendMood1 shows a repost from @BeautyBrandImport, who uploaded a photo of the open palette. Inside are a set of what looks to be 12 shades–all earth-tone neutrals–that cover the gamut of base mattes to metallic toppers. In a second repost from @mademoizellehope, we get a closer look at the back of the palette, which not only shows the official product name–NAKED RELOADED–but some of the shade names as well.

They include a frosted metallic named “ANGEL FIRE,” a pink matte named “RETRO,” a pink metallic named “REPUTATION,” a darker pink metallic named “BURN,” a brown matte named “END GAME,” a silver-brown metallic hybrid named “DREAMWEAVER,” a lighter brown matte named “DISTILLED,” and two more mattes named “BUCKED” AND “BOUNDRIES.”

Finally, in a third (more hi-res) repost on @TrendMood1, we can also see that the colors come in different pan sizes, which means you’re getting even more use out of the entire set because of the increase in shadow.

As of now, Urban Decay has yet to officially confirm the product’s existence or its due date, but we suspect it’s coming soon if an illustrious few already have their hands on it. In the meantime, there are still a select few eyeshadow palettes that sort-of resemble the original Naked formula, such as the smaller NAKED2 Basics and full-size NAKED3. Stock up on these and start practicing your lewks for the updated version.