New Shoes Promise a More Beautiful Butt


Reebok, the brand we know for their awesome, middle-school era white high-tops (yeah, you know them– double Velcro strips), has launched a fitness footwear line that promises to tone wearers’ glutes. EasyTone sandals and sneakers have NASA engineer-developed “balance pods” that recreate the feeling of walking on sand. Much like MBT and the ubiquitous FitFlop, EasyTone shoes, in names like “Inspire,” “Rush,” and “Go Outside,” supposedly increase muscle activation in the legs and glute area, thereby strengthening and toning the muscles sans lunges, yoga, and all those, um, icky strength training machines.

The New York Times did just report on a study that suggested we might stay fit with a mere six minutes of intense exercise per week. But they’re not guaranteeing a gravity-defying bum, just from, like, walking around and stuff.

Shoes in the EasyTone line are priced from $59.99 to $109.99.

Available at Reebok.