New Perfume: Odin Launches Three New Unisex Scents


Odin New York is taking its label to yet another division. With the exciting opening of a menswear store this past September, we’ve been anxiously awaiting Odin’s next move. Now branching out into the fragrance market, Odin is launching three new unisex scents, which are packaged similarly, but each harbor a unique scent.

The fragrances are numbered to correlate with progression of travel, destination, and enrichment. Paralleling these ideals with the perfect names for each, we’re excited to get a whiff of Nomad, Owari, and Century come mid-November.

Specific notes facilitate each fragrance to differentiate one from the other. Nomad is layered with juniper berries and cedar leaves from the high regions of the Himalayan Mountains, whereas Owari’s notes such as cubed pepper and Tokin musk are derived from the Chinese Mountains. The Century fragrance embodies silver birch, cypress and forest mint, leaving a warm mysterious alchemy of black musk and true amber.

Each scent will retail for $100, at Odin New York. If you’re not in NYC, you can also pick up the fragrance at Studio Beautymix at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, Louis Boston in Boston, Forty Five Ten in Dallas, and Carrots in San Francisco.

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