8 Signs You’re Ready For a New Hairstyle, As Told By GIFs

Augusta Falletta

If you’re anything like us, the first time you see your favorite celebrity with a new hairstyle, you immediately say, “I need that haircut, like, yesterday!” However, years of regretful haircuts and tearful dye jobs leave you questioning whether a new hairstyle is really worth it. In the end, you wind up wondering for so long that you’ve forgotten the original hairstyle in question, anyway.

So, hair commitment-phobes of the world, we’re here to help. If you want a new hairstyle but you’re simply not sure if this is your time, read on. Here are eight signs you’re ready for a new hairstyle, as told by GIFs.

Sign #1. You’re no longer getting compliments on your hair, except for that one random day you decide to flat iron your locks instead of wearing them wavy. Literally nothing else has changed, but people are so shocked to see you with a different look that they will not stop gawking at you.

channing tatum gif

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Sign #2. Your hairdresser has given up. For months and months she’s suggested a new cut or color, and each time she was met with the “Hmmm, not today!” face.

jennifer lawrence gif

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Sign #3. Even with the Facebook Timeline function, you cannot find a picture of yourself with a hairstyle different than the one you’re currently wearing.

miley cyrus gif

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Sign #4. When you’re at the library (yes, those still exist!), patrons come ask you for help finding books. You’re left with no option but to give ’em the eyes.

lucille bluth gif

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Sign #5. Even Emma Watson ditched the Hermione hairstyle.

emma watson short hair

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Sign #6. Your weather app says 90 degrees and sunny, but the last time you got a haircut, there was snow on the ground.

seasons changing gif

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Sign #7. You’ve lost the will to style what you’ve got, so every day is now hat day.

hats gif

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Sign #8. You’ve been hitting the gym hard and your old hairstyle doesn’t match your new physique.

workout gif

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