New from London’s Realhair


London-based hair salon Realhair recently added three stylist products to its hair care line of the same name: Real Weightless Serum, Real Root Lift, and Real Volume Plumper. Like the line’s existing products, these new products are, according to John Vial, the salon’s creative director, “hair care that thinks like skin care.” As Vial told WWD, “I always think, why do women spend so much time and attention taking care of their skin and not their hair?” And it’s true. As women, we do spend an inordinate amount of time and money on our faces, often at the expense of our equally important tresses. Realhair hopes to change that. 

Although their prodcts are currently only available at department stores in the UK and at the Realhair salon, plans are set to introduce the line in the U.S. this year.

Thank you, Realhair – from all of us here in the States. We’ll be waiting…

Real Weightless Serum, approximately $25; Real Root Lift, approximately $21; and Real Volume Plumper, approximately $21

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