Game Changer: Travel-Friendly Hair Oil

Megan Segura



In our new series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines. 

Whenever it’s time to travel, the question of TSA-approved products comes to mind. I like to buy in bulk, so I don’t have teeny tiny products at my disposal, and I hate pouring my products into travel containers, because then there’s the issue of having to clean them out. While I haven’t found the answer to all my travel woes, it seems my hair product is under control.

Pravana NEVO Hydra Pearls ($19, ulta stores) are tiny capsules filled with hydrating hair oil. The oil consists of mulateiro extract and Brazil nut and babassu oil. It can be applied to damp hair for a frizz-free blow out or to dry hair for extra shine and to tame flyaways. Best of all, it means you can throw a few capsules into a plastic bag before heading on vacation, instead of packing a full bottle of hair product that can spill.

Not only are the capsules biodegradable, but the plastic bottle that holds the capsules is, too. Like all Pravana products, this hair oil is sulfate, paraben and gluten-free, so you can feel good about at least one of the products you use each day.

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