Neon Nail Polish Is Illegal In The US, We Now Know Why

Rachel Adler

One of my beloved nail experts Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND, caused quite the ruckus the other day when she was quoted in More saying that neon nail polish is illegal to produce in the US. She mentioned that if you see any neon shades in US stores, they have been imported. The Daily Mail dug a bit deeper into this newfound phenomenon, speaking with Doug Schoon, CND’s scientific adviser.

Schoon explained that neon colorants aren’t illegal to wear, they just have never been officially registered with the FDA. All nail polish colorants have to be registered with the FDA before production, but no one has ever submitted neon shades. He expanded on this, explaining that this neon “ban” has “nothing to do with safety” but it is simply a matter of comfort in the industry. Any company could register a line of neon colors but “it’s expensive and too much work.”

He noted that smaller manufacturers have taken risks and responded to the demands of bright colors and have gone ahead with production of these colors regardless of the guidelines. But larger companies like to “play by the book” and are less likely to risk being made an example of by the FDA.

Although we don’t think the neon trend is going away anytime soon, Schoon also doesn’t think the trend is growing, and doesn’t see any reason to start manufacturing neon polishes in the states.

And, now you know where your neons come from ladies and gentleman…