7 Negative Space Manicures You’ll Love

Alle Connell

There’s nothing cooler right now than the negative space manicure: it’s the coolest, most chic way to embrace the nail art craze without going totally over the top. Not sold yet? Here are 7 gorgeous negative space manicures you’re going to fall in love with. Get ready to get seriously inspired.

Keep your negative space nails from being boring with a dot of bright color at the base and glitter at the tips.

Hot pink chevrons interspersed with nude nails are the very definition of cool.


Could this cozy, fall-inspired mani be any more amazing? Related: we kind of want this fuzzy sweater now.


Using the negative space as the accent—rather than the polish itself—is a beautiful way to take a dark mani to another level.

Get graphic and play with shape AND color; the negative space on the nail works to add harmony to this look.

Use shimmery and opaque polishes in fall colors for a trendy, fun look.

Yes, even nude nails can benefit from a little streak of negative space.

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