Stunning Insta-Inspo for Your Next Negative Space Manicure

Stunning Insta-Inspo for Your Next Negative Space Manicure
Photo: ImaxTree. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

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Though I hoard nail polish like salons are going out of business, the truth is I rarely give myself manicures or pay someone else to do it. They require time, a steady hand and patience, none of which I usually have. There’s also the frustration that comes with picking a color or design; especially when you’re looking for something with a low maintenance feel. And while it’s easier to go with one bold color and call it a day, I’ve found that certain that certain negative space manicure ideas are a happy medium.

No, you can’t simply swipe it on like a traditional basic color, but the juxtaposition of small, ornate designs against blank nail bed space is one word: effortless. It gives off the impression that you sat went to a salon and paid big bucks for a professional to give you that runway-ready flair. These minimalist designs have always been popular during Fashion Month, but now more than ever, we’re seeing them not only reign supreme over our Instagram feeds, but evolve in style as well. These days, the negative space mani goes beyond, say, a dot in the middle of the nail bed or horizontal color block across each tip.

Now, there’s everything from overlapping geometric shapes to transparent leopard print and bolder nail sets that feature negative space art on just one finger. In short: it’s the solution for minimalists that need just a hint of “extra” to feel complete. The only bad news is that choosing just one design won’t be easy because thanks to Instagram, there’s almost too much to choose from. But fret not. Here are a handful of ways to take on one of the year’s biggest trends.