Negative Space Half-Moon Nail Art Is As Cool As It Sounds

Negative Space Half-Moon Nail Art Is As Cool As It Sounds
Photo: ImaxTree.

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Gone are the days when 10-step skincare routines and hour-long makeup sessions basically dominated YouTube . In 2019 (and hopefully 2020), we’re paring down, well, everything, because time is money and to be honest, we don’t have a lot of either. With that being said, nail art is also getting a bit easier without sacrificing style and most importantly, a nailfie-ready finish. And as of late, negative space half-moon nail art is inescapable.

Half-moon nail art, where color is used to emphasize the lunula, or lighter, half-moon shape at the base of each nail, isn’t some revolutionary look. However, the ever-expanding popularity of a minimalist lifestyle (tiny houses included) has infiltrated our beauty routines as well. Now, the most popular version of half-moon nail art is the kind that exposes part of the natural nail bed underneath intricate lines, delicate dots, or nothing at all. Unsurprisingly, Instagram makes it very clear that there are countless ways to put your own twist on negative space half-moon nail art, though a few care-related tips come in handy for everyone.

First, be sure to take care of your cuticles in-between paint jobs as your nail beds will be more exposed than usual–cuticle oil is your friend. A strengthening base coat with a matte or glossy finish (depending on your style) will further protect your nail and the skin around it from discoloration, chipping, and more. Lastly, a topcoat is mandatory if you want your masterpiece to actually last. For now, keep scrolling for some double-tap-worthy inspo.