Naturally New Scents by Demeter


Available exclusively at and developed with CPL, Inc., the Vintage Naturals collection will, like as in wine producing practices, create a new vintage each year depending on which floral yields are particularly good. The 2009 collection debuts with Rosebush, Geranium, Mimosa, Lavender and Patchouli. And while they hope to be able to reproduce popular fragrances in 2010, the strength of the crop will ultimately determine future scents.

Although this concept of basing products on available crops has been done before, as with Givenchy’s Harvest collection, unique to Demeter, however, is their focus on the use of natural ingredients.  The Vintage Naturals collection is produced with alcohol naturally distilled from corn, 100% natural essential oils, and without any artificial colors or preservatives.

Demeter Vintage Naturals 2009, $68,