Natural Beauty


I had the pleasure of attending a delightful breakfast this morning with Matt and Nat vegan bag designer Inder Bedi. As we filled ourselves up with green juice and vegan raw “parfaits” from Organic Avenue, the conversation naturally turned to the benefits of going vegan. My good friend Georgia referenced an article in The New York Times today about scary synthetic nano-sized particles in beauty creams that can penetrate your skin and potentially get to your organs and overwhelm them. After the gasps of horror subsided I asked Inder, “So you must use vegan, all-natural beauty products, which ones do you like?” He smiled shyly and said that he’s actually much kinder to his insides than his outside and doesn’t know what products he uses. Another breakfast eater, Mark, chimed in saying that the best all-natural men’s product line is The Art of Shaving. I smiled knowingly because SC’s very own Brandon Perlman wrote about his love of The Art of Shaving products just last month. What I didn’t know is that they also have a few women’s products. The line is limited but includes a shaving cream, pre-shave oil, body milk, shaving brush, and ingrown hair night serum. They are packaged in adorable pink and white striped boxes and the products all smell like roses. Now what could be sweeter than that?

Matt and Nat Ando bag, $265, at


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