Natural Products Are Better For Your Hair As Explained By An Aveda Expert

Rachel Adler

All natural makeup products have become more popular than ever in the beauty world, but not everyone knows exactly what they are, or why they are forking over the extra money for what look like the same products in different packaging. When they first came out we were rather intrigued by the fact that we could not only help the environment, but also play with an entirely new realm of products. But now that the novelty has worn off, it is time to hear what going natural really does for you– so we talked with Allen Ruiz, an Aveda stylist who explained why using all-natural products are so good for your hair.

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SC: Why are all natural products better for your hair?
AR: Natural products, such as Aveda’s, which are plant and flower-based, are not as aggressive as man-made ingredients and are less damaging to hair. Natural emollients are great for styling but wash right out, versus synthetics that coat the hair, generating product build-up that creates dull, heavy-looking hair.

SC: Is having your hair colored with all natural dyes also better? Does the color last longer and why?
Natural hair color products are much more gentle on the hair and the body. Aveda’s hair color for instance, is up to 99 percent naturally derived. Ingredients contained in synthetic hair color lines are incredibly aggressive to the hair and scalp. A key consideration is how these chemicals interact with the hair but more importantly, how they impact the skin of the scalp. Natural hair color that contains ingredients like sunflower, castor, and jojoba oils actually work to counteract the aggressive nature of the process by minimizing skin irritation, chemical exposure, and overall discomfort from the ingredients. Naturally-derived hair color also contains antioxidants to help protect hair, and natural hair color results are competitive with the results of non-natural lines. (Try Aveda’s Full Spectrum Deep at your local Aveda salon)

SC: How can regular hair products harm the environment, and your hair?
Natural products are typically manufactured with a focus on the sustainability of the ingredients and the micro-economies that partner with the mission. This is a model that companies like Aveda thrive on because it works with the environment instead of against it. For me, the benefit of using natural products is simple: what you use on your body finds its way into your body and into the Earth. With artificially-derived ingredients, the human body views them as pollutants and has a difficult time protecting and eliminating them from our systems. I find clients that use synthetic shampoos, conditioners, and styling products have substantial product buildup and require extra attention in order for us to service them correctly.

SC: Do you have one particular product that you think works best? If so, what does it do for hair and how do you use it?
Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It’s magical. It adds volume and texture to hair without the weight. I’ve never worked with a product in the industry that’s like this.

Allen Ruiz is an Aveda Purefessional and is the co-owner of Jackson Ruiz Salon and Body Care. Allen has spent over 11 years in the salon industry. During that time he has received extensive training at Aveda U.K., Vidal Sassoon, and Toni & Guy. His experience as a presenter at 2001’s American Excellence Awards, Aveda Congress Festival 2002, and a graduate of Neill Quality College, combined with his great vision and creativity, make Allen extremely well-rounded and capable of delivering uniquely customized education.

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