Eco-Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better Shower

Victoria Moorhouse

It seems like more and more brands are taking the conscious (and ecologically-friendly) effort to give you skin care, makeup, hair care, and even bath products that are formulated free of harsh chemicals, irritants, artificial ingredients, colorants, and fragrances but still perform the way you would want them to—i.e. the same way those conventional beauty buys you’ve used for years do. The concept of going clean, so your skin doesn’t absorb chemicals, is one that we only expect to keep growing in popularity. It is Earth Month, after all.

One area of your beauty routine that you might be interested in swapping out conventional products for organic, natural, or eco-considerate? The tub! Think about it—you’re taking a shower or soaking in a tub to cleanse your skin of dirt and debris and experience a soothing, relaxing spa-like vibe, so it would make sense to do so with a product that’s clean of as many chemicals and artificial substances as possible! Whether you’re going for a body wash with an organic status, made with all natural ingredients, or are searching for a soap that’s made with a natural effort, there’s something out there for you. Take a look below for a roundup of bath products that will help you upgrade your showering session.

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meow meow tweet Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better ShowerBar soaps are back—and they’re having a moment. Not only do you reduce the chance of total waste by accidentally squeezing too much out of the bottle and watching it slide down the drain, but it’s a form that’s quite popular in the organic, natural beauty sphere. This product from Meow Meow Tweet, a brand that’s vegan-centered and based in upstate New York, is made with tiny bits of cornmeal that actually work as an exfoliator that isn’t detrimental to the environment. It smells of a mixture of rosemary and lime, as it holds both of those oils in its organic ingredients list.
(Where to Buy: Meow Meow Tweet Rosemary, Lime, & Cornmeal Body Soap, $10,

yardley Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better ShowerThe last time you took an oatmeal bath, it was probably to soothe some kind of irritated skin discomfort. The power of oats in this circumstance is strong, but there are also a lot of other amazing things oats can do for your complexion, including topical protection and hydration.  In another win, this soap product from Yardley London is made with organic honey, an ingredient that’s known for antibacterial and hydrating benefits. This soap set (one package comes with three bars) are made with 100% sustainable vegetable oils, natural butters, and are biodegradable. The color they yield is free of dyes, as no colorants were added.
(Where to Buy: Yardley London Nourishing Elements Oat, Milk, and Honey Artisan Soap, $4 for 3 bars,

osmia organics Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better Shower

While this company has yet to be labeled as certified organic, they do use USDA certified organic ingredients to formulate their products. This soap, in particular is made with a little over 83 percent organic materials, is made cruelty-free, and is also vegan. The stand out ingredients are sea mud and black clay, both of which are known for helping to give your skin a deep cleanse. It holds a vetiver aromatic fragrance with notes of lime, too. Plus, just the look of its cool textured top makes you to jump in the shower to give it a shot.
(Where to Buy: Vetiver Grey Soap, $12,

tea tree oil Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better ShowerThe Body Shop is known for its Community Fair Trade program, where they provide trading support to local farmers and artisans and source some of their superstar ingredients. While The Body Shop produces a fairly large range of ingredient-centric products, The Tea Tree Oil line is fairly popular, and it’s understandable. This oil holds incredible antibacterial and healing properties, often working its magic on acne and even small cuts. If you’re prone to breakouts post-gym, this body wash, made with organic tea tree oil, might be a consideration. It’s not fully organic, but all The Body Shop products are made with vegetarian ingredients.
(Where to Buy: The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash, $14,

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kiss my face Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better ShowerSometimes all you need to wake up in the morning (besides coffee!) is a invigorating shower. Natural beauty brand Kiss My Face made that easier by producing a product that holds aromatic notes like basil, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and more to gently awaken your senses and get you started for the day. It’s made with vegan-friendly ingredients, is gluten-free for those sensitive, and doesn’t have any artificial fragrances.
(Where to Buy: Kiss My Face Early to Rise Shower and Bath Gel, $9,

outofafrica Eco Friendly Body Wash and Bath Products For a Better ShowerThis soap is made with apricot kernels, which gives an exfoliating component that isn’t ecologically and environmentally disturbing. The soap is biodegradable, too. In addition to apricot, which holds vitamins that help with hydration, it’s also composed largely out of vitamin E-rich shea butter, a super star in moisturizing and healing products. It’s 100 percent natural, USDA organic, and doesn’t hold any artificial fragrances, giving you reason to use the phrase “what you see is what you get.”
(Where to Buy: Out of Africa Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap, $4,