Natural Nail Polish? Urban Outfitters Is All For It


Natural nail polish seems like a beauty oxymoron. Anyone who has spent time in a nail salon and felt woozy within an hour from the heady fumes would probably understand that assumption. Thus far, the only natural lacquers Ive really fallen for are by Priti, but now there is another contender for favorite status. A Beautiful Life, one of Urban Outfitters newest acquisitions for their burgeoning beauty department, has a selection of enticing shades, all of which are completely natural.

In nail speak that means there is no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde lurking around; they are replaced here by essential oils and soy-derived natural compounds. While the formula may be earthy, the colors, thankfully, are anything but Roxanne is a bright fuchsia, Juiced a creamsicle orange, and Vette, a mellow seafoam green reminiscent of Chanels famous Jade. And since taking off your natural polish with the usual chemical-laden removers seems kind of silly, A Beautiful Life also sells a non-toxic, soy-based, grapefruit-scented (!!) version.

A Beautiful Life nail lacquer, $12 each, available at Urban Outfitters.

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