5 Reasons to Give Natural Mascara a Try

Rachel Krause

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The term “natural” once denoted that a product was good for you and environment, with the underlying notion that it may not work as well as your standard chemical-packed formula. Those days are long gone, and we find ourselves reaching for our favorite natural mascara just as frequently as their high-end counterparts. Believe it or not, there are actually some amazing, not-so-crunchy choices to be had, and they’re perfect for everyone—especially if you wear contacts!—so it may be high time to give one of these underdogs a try.

Natural Mascara-Jane IredaleJane Iredale Longest Lash ($33, janeiredale.com)
Our very first foray into the world of natural mascara was made possible by this best-in-class product, which makes absolutely no concessions for quality ingredients over efficacy—in fact, it’s one of our favorite mascaras of all time, natural or not. It guarantees glossy, feathery lashes, nourishing ingredients, and zero clumps or smudges all day long, and it certainly delivers.

Natural Mascara-Physicians FormulaPhysicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara ($9.95, physiciansformula.com)
Few formulas can guarantee ingredients of 100% natural origin, but this one goes above and beyond with just that promise. Furthermore, 70% of those ingredients are from organic farming, too, so it’s basically the earth-friendly girl’s dream. This mascara gives major length and volume, and it really helps to hold a curl if your lashes tend to fall straight throughout the day.

Natural Mascara-100 Pure100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara ($25, 100percentpure.com)
We haven’t tried it (yet), but there isn’t a single component in the ingredients list of this gentle, good-for-you formula that you couldn’t technically eat. Now that we’ve acknowledged the purity of the formula, let’s acknowledge what really matters: For long, thick, glossy lashes that look like they’re (way better than) natural, this conditioning mascara is a go.

Natural Mascara-Juice BeautyJuice Beauty Lash Defining Mascara ($19, juicebeauty.com)
Plenty of mascaras purport to improve lash health and growth while beautifying, but few actually manage to back up those claims with efficacy. This formula, however, is equipped not just with inky black color but with organic cocoa and avocado butters that leave lashes seriously soft, even after you’ve removed your makeup for the day. Soft, fluttery lashes and reduced fallout, too? Yes, please.

Natural Mascara-TarteTarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara ($21, tartecosmetics.com)
All hail Tarte, the rare mass-market luxury brand that strays true to its natural, environmentally conscious roots. For intense volume, healthy lashes, and zero irritation, even for those with super sensitive skin or who wear contacts, this formula simply cannot be beat.

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