Gucci Westman’s Trick for Natural-Looking Foundation

Emma Stone

Photo: Getty Images

Creating flawless makeup on the likes of Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz and Olivia WildeGucci Westman‘s tips are like little pieces of gold. Yesterday, while interviewing Olivia (a Revlon ambassador), she revealed one of Westman’s secrets to natural-looking foundation that we couldn’t keep to ourselves.

“One thing that Gucci Westman does that I love but I don’t do—I wish I could—is add little freckles,” said Olivia. “Sometimes when you’re wearing foundation, you don’t want it to look like foundation. You want that texture, so it looks like your skin, so she adds little freckles. And that is her signature thing. Perfect little Bambi freckles. She uses Revlon Colorstay Pencil in brown ($4.99, so it doesn’t smudge.”

When coating foundation on the skin, you lose natural skin tone changes. Freckles—whether fake or natural like Emma’s—add a layer of dimension to the skin. Genius.

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