Natural Deodorants That Actually Work!

Julia DiNardo

There are so many reasons to rethink the products that we use on our body, particularly the use of deodorants and anti-perspirants, which seep directly into our bodies via our pores, and can contain super harsh chemicals and cause at the very least, discoloration in our clothes, irritation, or even lumps or clogged gland and other issues. We’ve tested and approved four great alternatives below, at a variety of price points that actually do get the job done, without reeking of tea tree oil, patchouli, or, you know, eau de natural. Our picks are also relatively easy to find, utilize natural ingredients, are paraben and aluminum free, and an easy transition from your previous underarm go-to.

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What It Is: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal in Lavender
Why It’s Great: The natural, crystal deodorant has been around for quite some time, but never has been easier to apply, or boasted a variety of great scents until now. We love the soothing scent of lavender, the roller ball applicator that is always quite liquidy, and that this product is hypoallergenic, paraben/PG free with no aluminum chlorohydrate.
Price: $5
Available: GNC, Duane Reade

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What It Is: Jason Apricot Deodorant
Why It’s Great:
Available in stick or roll-on, the fresh scent of apricot is our favorite fragrance offering from the Jason brand, is moisturizing and really does endure throughout the day. This product is sans alcohol, Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Propylene Glycol, and includes great natural components to soothe and prevent odor, such as Apricot Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Certified Organic Corn Starch.
Available: Jason Cosmetics

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What It Is: Dermalogica Environmental Control Deodorant
Why It’s Great: One of our more pricier selections, this aluminum-free, non-staining formula really has staying power, goes on clear, and utilizes Clove, Hyssop, and Coriander to cut odor. It also is great for sensitive skin, with Parsley Seed which helps reduce skin irritability and Silica that works to suck up the sweat.
Price: $20
Available: Dermalogica

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What It Is:

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
Why It’s Great: Definitely the best bang for the buck, this clear, affordable natural deodorant in Fresh certainly has a prominent scent, and does not contain aluminum, parabens, colorants or animal-derived ingredients. It can be used for men or women, and includes of course baking soda, but also plant extracts such as Rosemary Leaf Oil, Lavender Oil, and Coriander Seed Oil.
Price: $3
Available: Rite Aid,