5 Natural Beauty Box Subscriptions Every Eco-Friendly Gal Will Love

Kristen Bousquet

Making a change in your lifestyle can be difficult to say the least—especially when that change is leading a healthier lifestyle. The best way to get the ball rolling on something like this is trying things out before you dive in head first.

That’s why we’re crazy about monthly subscription boxes. For the gal trying to lead a healthier, safer and more eco-friendly lifestyle, trying out one of these natural beauty box subscriptions is a great place to start.

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These monthly boxes will provide you with some of the latest and greatest in natural skincare, cosmetics and lifestyle products including things for the home and even snacks to try and see if this lifestyle is best for you.

To see some of the coolest natural beauty box subscriptions that every eco-friendly gal will fall head over heels for, click through the slideshow above!

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