Natural Beauty Down Under

Megan Segura

This is my second year in a row kicking off the New Year in Sydney, Australia for my winter vacation. I’m always just blown away by how amazing the women are here — we Americans can really learn a thing or two from these beautiful women. They love to hike, kayak, run, surf and swim to stay in shape. They moisturize daily and are diligent about sunscreen, as the Australian sun is the most powerful in the world.

They wear minimal makeup, adding just enough to play up their features in a natural way. A little foundation, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lippie (as they call gloss or lipstick) and they are ready to roll. They are comfortable in their own skin and like looking unique and different from one another. Never do you hear these women obsess over weight or age or compare themselves to other women. They smile all the time without worrying about crow’s feet and eat and drink heartily without worrying about every calorie that goes into their body.

I have yet to see an army of plastic surgery addicts like we see in our U.S. cities, or any young girls trying to emulate fake-looking reality show stars who are over-tanned, lips over-plumped and hair, nails and makeup overdone. In a nutshell these Aussie lasses are all about life’s perfect balance. They are happy and healthy and oh so beautiful. So let’s start the new year off like our sisters from down under and embrace our confident selves as it’s never too late to change the way you treat yourself!