These Are the “National” Days We Wish Existed

Rachel Adler

While I definitely love celebrating donuts and junk food just because Twitter tells me that it’s the day to do so, I’ve started to question the um, “authority” of these “National” days. National Milk Chocolate Day? That seems rather specific – what if I’d rather have dark chocolate that day? National Hot Dog Day? Was this created simply so we’d all go to a baseball game? National Underwear Day? Are you serious Victoria’s Secret? And the best one yet – National Wiggle Your Toes Day – because you don’t do that every single day of your LIFE.

Considering we’ve been celebrating a random food, product or relationship every single day for as long as we can remember, I’d like us to take a step back. What happened to just eating ice cream because well, you wanted to eat the damn ice cream? Or, wearing lipstick because, duh – you love wearing lipstick? Why do we need an entire day to celebrate an item that is simply part of every day life?

Instead, I’m making my own “National” days to celebrate going forward. You can add ’em to your calendar at random, and celebrate away.

National Damn Girl, You Look Good Today

National Don’t Wash Your Hair Day

National No-Shave Day (Leg Hair? Who Cares!)

National Calories Don’t Count Day



National Perfect Hair Day

giphy6 These Are the National Days We Wish Existed


National Pimple-Free Day



National Everyone Is Beyoncé Day

National All Gyms Are Closed Day

I’ve started with National Don’t Wash Your Hair Day because it’s Wednesday and I’m tired, but you can start wherever you want. Or hell, celebrate them all on the same day – do you.