Natalie Portman’s Skin Care Secret to Beating Adult Acne

Natalie Portman’s Skin Care Secret to Beating Adult Acne
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Despite being the face of Dior Beauty and the brand’s new scent, Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, Natalie Portman didn’t think much about beauty growing up. In a recent interview with The Cut, the 36-year-old actress opened up about growing up in a household where external beauty was rarely discussed and how that affected her perception of makeup when she got older.

“I was lucky enough to have my mom never really talk to me about external beauty in any way. She was always focused on being a good person and kindness,” Portman said. “I always have makeup artists being like, ‘You’re so easy.’ I don’t say anything, I just let them do their thing. ‘You’re a professional. Thanks. I look better than I did before.’ I don’t intervene as much because I don’t have a specific thing I am trying to achieve.”

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Still, despite her ambivalence about beauty, Portman understood the stigma associated with adult acne, something she only recently found a solution for. But if you’re expecting the Oscar winner to list her inventory of high-end skin care products, you’ve got the wrong gal. Portman’s skin care secret is entirely diet-based.

“I’m vegan and I found my skin was much, much better [than] when I was a vegetarian,” Portman said. “I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had a breakout after. That was definitely a discovery.”

However, while veganism worked for her skin, Portman acknowledges that a 360-degree diet change may not be feasible for everyone.

“It’s personal; everyone has different sensitivity,” Portman said. “I also did it when I was 30, so it might have been an age thing.”

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And despite her lack of interest in beauty products, Portman isn’t one to judge another person’s choices. Whether you’re a cosmetics super-fan or prefer to go makeup-free, you’ve got Portman’s support.

“Women should be however they want to be. If you don’t want to wear makeup, no one should make you feel like you’re less than. If you want to wear a lot, they also shouldn’t make you feel less than,” Portman said. “I don’t feel like we should judge anyone for doing what they think feels good. A woman should follow her own desire.”

Though veganism as a skin care treatment might be controversial to some, one thing’s for sure: Natalie Portman–and her low-key message about acceptance of ourselves and others–is a total treasure.